Frequently Asked Questions

The vast majority of electric scooters are not fully waterproof but our range of high end scooters are IP54 rated and can easily handle light rain, however we strongly recommend not to ride in heavy rain, puddles or submerge them in water.

We recommend cleaning your electric scooter with clean water to spray the scooter and wipe down with a clean cloth.Â

We do not recommend using a pressure washer as they can damage the seals used around the battery casing that protects the electrical components against water and dust penetration.

E-scooters are commonly known as Electric Scooters, they can be operated manually or battery powered to transport people with little to no fuss.

What is the optimum operating temperature range for electric scooters?

Here at High End Scooters our range of scooters operate best between -26 degrees to 40 degrees.

Our range of High End Scooters come equipped with the latest hi tech big capacity lithium ion batteries. We advise you charge the batteries fully after each and every use and frequently when not in use.

When not in use for long periods of time make sure you charge the scooter at least once a month.

Similar to the advice given to bicycle riders we advise all scooter users to wear protective clothing. At minimum we recommend you wear a helmet for basic protection when riding.

The law states you are not permitted to ride an electric scooter on UK pavements.

At present 2 of the brands, we supply offer a smart phone app. These brands are Segway ninebot and Xiaomi Home Mi application are available for Android (requires Android 4.3 or later) and Apple smartphones (Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch): Ninebot and Xiaomi App can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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At presents we are only processing orders from the UK, but will be very soon delivering across Europe. Please keep an on site for updates.

All the scooters we provide come with their tyres inflated right out of the box. This is a great start but its important to maintain the correct tyre pressure to get the best riding experience(grip, suspension and puncture resistence) tyre pressures be set according to the user weight.

Most scooters use Schrader valve ( as found on car tyres) but we heavily recommend against using petrol station air pumps as they will not get you the desired pressure needed.

We recommend you use the good ol trusty bike pump (foot pump). On scooters like the Xiaomi mijia m365 you will also need to use the included extended nozzle adapter which is crucial to use on the front wheel valve to accurately inflate the tyres.

Please contact us via the contact page or email us direct via info@highendscooters co.uk and we can talk about your requirements in greater detail.

more volts = more power

As a rule of thumb the more volts a scooter has the more power the scooter can deliver to the motor which will increase the RPM. The voltage is made up from 12Voltt segments hence you always see 24V, 36V, 48V or 60V listed on scooter description.

A.H Amp Hours/Amperes
You will certainly come across this when looking over the specification of a scooter, what it relates to is the total capacity of the battery. The higher the AH number the greater the range between charges.

As a general rule most scooter tyres regardless of manufacturer need to be changed yearly or 1200 miles.

Electric Scooters usually come with a small amount of charge. We advise fully charging prior to first use.